A Complete Local Business Marketing Guide

It can seem like an impossible task to try to market a local business in a marketplace full of competition. Many companies are competing for the same high rankings and having to compete with already established businesses and businesses with larger budgets can present a significant challenge especially at a local level. Thankfully, providers like Google have made changes to improve their focus on local businesses to offer better rankings for their users. That being said, you still have to know how to take advantage of their newfound emphasis on prioritising local search.

Local Business Marketing

Your Website

Believe it or not, but your website doesn’t have to cost a lot of money nor does it have to be incredibly complicated. Truth is, your website really only needs to accurately explain to your target market what it is you are offering and convince them on why they should be choosing to purchase from your business over the competition. It should contain all of the essential information that relates to your business.

You want your website to be well structured to make it as easy as possible to both navigate and use. A customer should have a very easy time sorting through your website, navigating it, finding what they are looking for, and purchasing something. The entire goal of your website should focus on customer usability.

Local SEO

The entire premise of SEO is to get your website ranking as high as possible within the search engine through optimising it. The higher you are able to get your website ranking, the more organic traffic you can get to your site. Basingstoke marketing company is one place to take a look to see what is offered in their world of a marketing business.

To help with your SEO efforts, you want to ensure that everything relevant to your business is on your website and accurate across the board. You should have everything listed including your business name, phone number, and address on all of the pages on your site and everywhere else on the Internet. If you haven’t already set up a free Google My Business account, you will want to do so immediately.

Google My Business

Whenever you are conducting a search like “bakeries near me,” you will be presented with a map panel that will be showcased and prioritised ahead of the basic SEO results. This entire panel will showcase all of the local businesses that are chosen based on proximity to the user and based on relevancy in terms of the business type. To get your business ranking on this section, you will need to have set up a free Google My Business account.

Getting Links from Other Sites

Improving your search engine results locally doesn’t always involve doing things on-site. In fact, one of the best ways to boost your rankings is by generating high-quality external links. Setting up your business listings on various directories like Yell.com can really improve your local SEO efforts in a big way. They will provide you with a back-link that gives your business a boost, but it will also help drive more traffic to your website purely from the traffic derived from the site itself.

Crafting the Right Content

The content that you are creating and posting on your site is very important. It’s very important to create the right type of content when you are leveraging the power of content marketing. One of the most effective tools a business can use to leverage content marketing is creating a business blog. They will provide you with a platform that you can use to dominate the local search engine results. You will find it very difficult to find a business that doesn’t have a blog that is regularly updated. Through the blog, you can publish all kinds of content that can help you get listed higher for various keywords and phrases within your industry. Whether its fashion, sport or even dentistry looking at the right content to further reach your target audience is essential in providing services that you maintain are your selling points of business. Take for instance dental practice seo will reach many and further afield who need and require what you can offer as prime and satisfied work on their dental care.

Using Social Media

Social media has really taken over the past few years. The majority of businesses are actively using social media to get free advertising and to engage with their customers. It is worth leveraging the power of all of the available social media platforms because it can help you reach a new audience, improve brand positioning, and improve brand awareness all at the same time.


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