Floor Plans and Photos Help to Generate Interest in Properties

In property marketing, floor plans, and photos make for an essential tool that helps in marketing. This is a basic premise that has seen almost no change despite the wealth of choice offered by aspiring UK PropTech start-ups.

Reasons For Having Floor-plans

Buyers expect these floor plans and photos to be part of standard listings with studies having indicated that 81% of them thinking that when they look at a property, a floor plan is essential.

  • Why are floor plans and photos necessary for the selling of property?
  • They help to present the full potential of the property
  • When you have great photography and marketing materials, the interest in the property gets maximised
  • They help to increase transparency and increase the number of qualified leads
  • They ensure a consistent brand presence

Even so, we see that many listings fail because they fail in the basics, by giving inaccurate details, missing out on providing floor plans, and photographs that show the property badly.

When you do not include a floor plan or provide inadequate information, it has an impact on the interest that the property receives.

It is not difficult to highlight what can be the best approach, but there are often valid reasons why any particular asset is just not available.

What is the reason that detailed floor plans and good photographs are not included in listings of property?

  • Time constraints may make this not possible
  • The property Lister may not have the right experience or the needed equipment
  • Good photography requires good weather and light, and this may not be available
  • Poor communication that can then lead to poor home staging and preparation

These are the operational points that need to be kept in mind and for marketing any property, here are a few selected tips to help you to find the best potential…

Estate agent photography tips

When you search online, you will see many examples of bad photos by estate agents, and we know that these poor photos are best avoided.

If you want to elevate a property online, visual content is the key, and even though most estate agents have a good minimum standard, bringing in professional photographers is a better option.

The core principle here in both cases is to be always and constantly prepared.

  • Stage the property – Have the homeowner tidy up the property before you arrive
  • Site preparation – Make the best use of your time by understanding the layout
  • Equipment – A good DSLR camera with an ultra-wide lens, along with a tripod with a spirit level
  • External and internal shots – Play with the angles
  • Aim for at least 8 to 10 internal shots and 2-3 external shots

These are the basics for property photography and once you have covered these you now need to focus on getting the maximum from the floor plan results…if you are needing storage for anything to stop you from carrying around expensive equipment from location to location Blue Box storage can provide a safe place to keep your equipment.

Floor plan drawing tips

The key to selling properties is the floor plans and you need to spend some time on the details that can make a difference. You need more than just some engineering graph paper and a sharp pencil for drawing floor plans, but these are important to start with. What else is needed?

  • Creating accurate floor plans requires you to have a laser measuring device
  • Be consistent when you take measurements
  • Include every detail that is necessary like doors, the direction they swing, windows and other permanent fixtures
  • Learn the correct symbols and use them
  • Always check your final plans

Even creating a two-dimensional sketch with accurate measurements requires a lot of effort, but if you can create a plan that is three dimensional, you will deliver the vendor a plan that has a much higher value. Just take a look at Four Walls a well established company full of old and new ideas, sticking to what they know, whilst also providing new and fresh ideas.

Is PropTech the answer?

Tech solutions are needed to help stakeholders in the property market in the creation of floor plans or for the editing of images. Estate agents, service providers, photographers as well as vendors are constantly on the lookout for these alternative solutions.


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