Local Business Marketing Guide

Marketing to a local business can sometimes feel like an impossible thing to do. There are so many companies out there that rely on social media channels or search engines to get their site and business out into the world, and they have to compete with businesses that are well-established, and this can be even more challenging when it is at a local level. A marketing company is somewhere that will offer up extensive experience and visuals for your business. This is one issue that search engines have been able to recognise, with local search engine become a very important feature for search engines. What can you do to promote a local business?

Your Website

You don’t need to have an expensive or complicated website. The website needs to explain clearly what it is you do and why customers should choose your business. You need to have important information such as your contact details and the products and services being offered by your business.

The website needs to be easy-to-use and be structured. You should make it easy for a visitor to find all the relevant information about you, everything a customer will need to know before purchasing or calling you. If it doesn’t have this information, then work on it. You should try your best to ensure that the website works well for the customer.

 Local SEO

SEO is the process of optimising your website for search engines so you can rank high on the search engine results page. The higher you are on the results page, the more traffic you get.

If you want to help your local SEO efforts, then keep it simple. You should make sure that the website has your name, phone number, and address across all of its pages. You can use tools such as embedded Google Maps because they will help you with your efforts. The format of the address needs to match the one you used on My Business account, and if you don’t have this account, then go to point three. Associating yourself with something local or with a well established name will help also, taking a note out of Fleet Hampshire book will do the trick.

Google My Business

When you go to google then search for a term like “salons near me” you are going to see a map panel before the results. This panel will have the local businesses that have been picked based on the business type and location, instead of just their SEO. You are going to sign up with Google My Business to get your business into the section, and it is a free service.

Getting Links from Other Sites

There are times when improving your local search marketing doesn’t even involve what you do with your site. If your business is featured on local directories like Yell.com, then you can expect a positive impact. You are going to get back-links from the site, and there will be a lot of users finding you through the directory. This is because the website is going to come up with more searches. This will prove to be a great tool, especially when you are getting started with local SEO.

Your Content

The content you post on the blog or website is key. You should make sure that the content you are creating is relevant to your audience.

Blogs give local businesses the chance of accessing a platform that can help with their search engine rankings. Every company has a blog these days, which makes it a must if you are starting out. You can talk about events or jobs you have done in a particular area. Share things you intend to show your prospective customers.

Social Media

Social Media has become an important aspect of online marketing, and it has become even more popular with time. There are many businesses out there benefiting from these platforms without having to spend a dime. You should take full advantage of social media platforms because they can help with your marketing and increase your sales. When you share content with friends, the content will most likely stay local. People who have not seen you before will get an introduction to your products or business.

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