6 Top Reasons Why You Should Hire A Marketing Company

It takes full-time effort to effectively market your brand. However, unless you have the in-house resources and time to heavily promote your brand, it is good business to allow a marketing company to handle this critical task for you. You can hire a full-service marketing company to manage all aspects of your advertising and brand-building […]

The 5 Simplest Ways to Keep Good Home Maintenance

Taking care of your home often means dealing with massive technical and complex maintenance issues to most people. While the personnel sent to perform technical duties carry quite a bit of the responsibility when it comes to home maintenance, it can be primarily handled by the homeowner in most situations. Every member of the family […]

Floor Plans and Photos Help to Generate Interest in Properties

In property marketing, floor plans, and photos make for an essential tool that helps in marketing. This is a basic premise that has seen almost no change despite the wealth of choice offered by aspiring UK PropTech start-ups. Reasons For Having Floor-plans Buyers expect these floor plans and photos to be part of standard listings […]

Are Floor Plans and Photography an Asset When Selling a Property?

Having floor plans properly pictured is still one of the most important components of marketing. Despite the luxury of choice provided by many of the PropTech businesses located in the UK, the principle remains the same. Those looking to purchase property assume photos will be available for view in the listing; two out of every […]

A Complete Local Business Marketing Guide

It can seem like an impossible task to try to market a local business in a marketplace full of competition. Many companies are competing for the same high rankings and having to compete with already established businesses and businesses with larger budgets can present a significant challenge especially at a local level. Thankfully, providers like […]

9 Different Ways You Can Improve Your Kitchen Without Overspending

Are you looking to design your kitchen to fit more with a modern aesthetic, but you aren’t necessarily trying to spend a lot of money on your renovations? You’re in luck. Below, you will find some different ways you can improve your kitchen without going over budget. Keep Your Layout Unchanged One of the things […]